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Terms & Conditions – valid as per Sept. 1 2014

1. Teknikbokhandeln is a registred branch of Aviatic Förlag AB, a company registred in Sweden. Hence only Swedish Law is applicable should a dispute arise.

2. Prices shown are either in Swedish Crowns (SEK - on Swedish language pages) or in Euro (EUR) on the English language pages. However, at check-out, it is possible to select any of four currencies - SEK, EUR, US Dollars or Pound Sterling. All prices include Swedish Value Added Tax, VAT. Prices are fixed and no VAT-deduction will be made.

3. For various reasons, our ability to deliver to certain countries is limited. Should you live in a country outside EU/EES, USA, Australia or Canada, please check with our customer service department prior to ordering. Overseas orders are usually despatched by surface mail. Should you wish to have your books sent e.g. via courier or Air Mail, please contact our customer service department before you place your order to ensure we can deliver as per your request. 

4. In general, our ambition is to despatch all orders within two working days. Should we for any good rason not be able to deliver within a week, we will notify you via email with information about expectd delivery date. 

5. Please note that some titles may be limited in stock. Should a book be out of stock, will we always try to obtain more copies to satisfy orders. Should a longer delay arise due to this, will we notify you in case you prefer to cancel your order.

6. All sales outside Sweden are final, unless applicable EU regulations stipulate otherwise.

7. A book or DVD that is damaged will of course be replaced free of charge - please notify our customer service department in advance, before you return any titles.

8. Personal Data and GDPR
When you order something from us, we need to ask you for certain information in order to process your order. The information you provide will be used for our inhouse order processing and information to you on e.g new book releases. It will never be sold to or otherwise used by a third party for any reason.

When the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect for all European Union member states in 2018, we will of course adhere to that. Your personal and individualized data will be stored as long as you have a live customer relation to us - when you have not ordered anything for five years, that customer relation is regarded as void and your given information will be erased. You can always ask us for a transcript of your personal data that is stored with us, by sending us an email message.