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B3 - Junkers Ju 86 i Sverige
The Junkers Ju-86 was acquired by Sweden as the prime medium bomber type, but by the time it...
Spitfire in Sweden
“Spitfire in Sweden”
Heinkelflüg i Sverige
Med last genom luften
Flygvapnet 1926-2016 – An Introduction to The Swedish Air Force
On July 1, 2016 the Air Force celebrated its 90th anniversary. It is not a remarkably long time,...
Junkers W 33, W 34 and K43
When already in 1919, the small but sturdy Junkers F 13 made its first flight, that was the...
Kontakt 96 - Saab 340A-special
We have recently found a small batch of the legendary Swedish aviation enthusiast magazine...
Ivans Krig ("Ivan's War")
Vrak i Östersjön ("Wrecks in the Baltic Sea")
Saab 340 & Saab 2000 – The Untold Story
By Michael Magnusson
V140 "Babs" – Svenska i Gestapos tjänst
In the fall of 1954 is Swedish-born Dagmar Irmgart on trial in Kassel, accused of collaboration...
Hermann Göring och Sverige – från flyghjälte till massmördare"
Haveriet – flygvapnet och kalla krigets offer
Göteborg under 90 år - sett genom Volvos kamera
Charter till solen - när utlandssemestern blev ett folknöje
Flygare i Sverige – före jet-eran
Warbirds and vintage aircraft over Sweden
In this, the very first book solely dedicated to the increasing number of historic aircraft and...