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Some films make a lasting impression; they mean something and whenever you watch them again there is always something new you see. That's what make som films "A Classic".
We have selected a few that we like ourselves - note that all films either are in Swedish or have Swedish subtitles.

Slaget vid Poltava
The Battle of Poltava
Okänd soldat
Finnish author Väinö Linna based his acclaimed novel "The Unknown Soldier" on his own memories...
Hjältarna från Telemarken
"Hjältarna från Telemarken" – "The Heroes of Telemark"
"På västfronten intet nytt" – "All Quiet on the Western Front"
Attack i Stilla Havet (The Flying Leathernecks)
"Attack i Stilla Havet - "The Flyibng Leathernecks"
Bron (The Bridge)
"Bron" - "The Bridge" ("Die Brücke")
Ubåt I-507 - Det sista vapnet
"Ubåt I-507 - Det sista vapnet" – "Lorelei"
Gula divisionen
"Gula Divisionen" - "The Yellow Squadron"
Första Divisionen
"Första Divisionen" - "The No. 1 Squadron"
Dresden – Tredje Rikets sista dagar
"Dresden – Tredje Rikets sista dagar" – "Dresden – the last days of the Third Reich"
Die Welle
"Die Welle" – "The Wave"