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The dream of flying is probably as old as mankind itself. The technology still fascinates, and the various applications of controlled flight have brought prosperity to the world.
Sitting in a comfortable chair, reading about a favourite aviation subject is to many a sheer joy - we have the books to accompany you int that chair!
"Flygtiga minnen 2" – "Windy memories 2"
The Swedish Armed Forces have used helicopters for more than 60 years. Still, though...
Allt utom giraffer - historien om SAS Cargo
"Allt utom giraffer - historien om SAS Cargo" – "Everything but Giraffes: The Untold Story of SAS...
B3 - Junkers Ju 86 i Sverige
The Junkers Ju-86 was acquired by Sweden as the prime medium bomber type, but by the time it...
Bortom horisonten - svensk flygspaning mot Sovjetunionen
"Bortom horisonten - svensk flygspaning mot Sovjetunionen" – "Beyond the Horizon - Swedish aerial...
F 3 – Flygflottiljen på Malmen 1926-1974
A historical odyssey over what has been dubbed "the cradle of Swedish aviation", the F3 airbase...
Flygande möten
Göte Rosén, the man who by many is regard to be the father of not only Swedish charter airlines...
Flygandets Teknologi
"Flygandets Teknologi" – "The technology of Flight"
Flyget på Bulltofta 1919-1972
"Flyget på Bulltofta 1919-1972" – "Aviation on Bulltofa Malmö Airport 1919 - 1972"
Flygplan på museum - och hur de kom dit
"Flygplan på museum - och hur de kom dit" – "Aircraft in museums - and how they got there".
Flygplatsen på framsidan - Historiska minnen från Torslanda
"Flygplatsen på framsidan - Historiska minnen från Torslanda" – "The front-side airport -...
Flygtiga minnen 1
"Flygtiga minnen 1" – "Windy memories 1"
Flygvapnet - an illustrated history of the Swedish Air Force
A book about just what the title says: a pictorial overview of Flygvapnet – the Swedish Air Force...
Flygvapnet - en historisk översikt
The basic history of Flygvapnet - the Swedish Air Force - describing the development from the...
Flygvapnet 1926-2016 – An Introduction to The Swedish Air Force
On July 1, 2016 the Air Force celebrated its 90th anniversary. It is not a remarkably long time,...
Från Dronten till Gripen - Flygvapnet 1926-1996
The history of Flygvapnet - the Swedish Air Force - published as part of the Air Force's 70th...
Fredsflygarna - FN-flyget i Kongo 1960-64
"Fredsflygarna - FN-flyget i Kongo 1960-64" – "Flying for Peace - the UN aviation in the Congo...
Gerillapilot i Biafra
"Gerillapilot i Biafra" – "Guerrilla Pilot in Biafra".
Högt över Sverige
"Högt över Sverige" - "High above Sweden".
J 26 Mustang – ett jaktplan och en era i Sverige
"J 26 Mustang – ett jaktplan och en era i Sverige" – "Mustang - a fighter and an era in Sweden"
J30 - The DeHavilland Mosquito
The first Swedish all-weather fighter, the Mosquitoes for the F 1 Wing in Västerås, were bought...
J33 - The De Havilland Venom
Author Mikael Forslund tells in-depth the story of the Sw Air Force's second night- and all...
Junkers W 33, W 34 and K43
When already in 1919, the small but sturdy Junkers F 13 made its first flight, that was the...
Kontakt 96 - Saab 340A-special
We have recently found a small batch of the legendary Swedish aviation enthusiast magazine...
Kronmärkt - målning och märkning av svenska militärflygplan
A book on the subject of color-scheme and markings of Swedish military aircraft, from the early...
A book on the full story of Linjeflyg, the Swedish domestic airline; from it's early days of a...
MFI – Flygindustri under ett halvt sekel
Small but skilled aircraft manufacturer Malmö Flygindustri, MFI for short, developed and built...
Pionjärflygare - tidiga flygförsök i Norden
"Pionjärflygare - tidiga flygförsök i Norden" – "Pioneer Aviators - Early flights in the Nordic...
Saab Gripen
"Gripen" by Gerard Keijsper
Saab Safari - det mångsidiga skolflygplanet
"Saab Safari - det mångsidiga skolflygplanet" – "Saab Safari - the versatile trainer".
Saab Safir - historien om ett skolflygplan
The story of the small but sturdy Saab 91 Safir, initially developed as a training and touring...
Saab Scandia - historien om ett trafikflygplan
The full story of the Saab 90 Scandia, one of many postwar airliners intended to replace the...
Spitfire in Sweden
“Spitfire in Sweden”
Svenska filmluftigheter
"Svenska filmluftigheter" – "Films in the air!"
Svenskt militärflyg - propellerepoken
"Svenskt militärflyg - propellerepoken" – "Swedish military aircraft - the propeller era"
Torpedflyget i Sverige
"Torpedflyget i Sverige" – "Torpedo aviation in Sweden"
Västgöta flygflottilj F6
Sw Air Force Air Base No 6 - F6 - was set up during the first years of the 2nd World War on the...
Warbirds and vintage aircraft over Sweden
In this, the very first book solely dedicated to the increasing number of historic aircraft and...